So I first things first, I don’t really know when my 2nd birthday is…. When I set up Frizz & Freckles it was all a bit of a blur and a very busy time and I cannot for the life of me remember what the exact date was that this journey all started. What I do know is that it was sometime in May, so here I am adopting the bank holiday (and the days/ week surrounding it) as my second birthday.


The past two years have been one hell of a journey, I guess I didn’t really know what I was creating when I started my little business. I just knew that I wanted the freedom to work for myself and create a life that meant I could always put my family first. My business has evolved from me making things at my kitchen table and attending small local craft fairs to what you see today. A successful (yes blowing my own trumpet here) online gift shop offering my loyal customers with a variety of beautiful products, a presence at some of the most fantastic gift and lifestyle events in the East Midlands and, most recently a small business mentor helping fellow business owners fathom the world on Instagram. Oh and not forgetting a real life shop at Browns Salon in Loughborough!!!

One of the highlights of the past two years has been the support I get from all of my wonderful customers and followers. Its so lovely when I’m at events to meet you all and hear all of the lovely things you have to say about my shop, and to all of you new and repeat customers out there who continue to support my journey it really does mean the world. As much as I love what I do, and wish it was just for fun, I also have to think about putting food on the table and paying a mortgage and I honestly couldn’t do this without all of you, so THANK YOU!!!

Its hard to predict where things will go for me over the next two years. One certainty though is that I will be taking a bit of time to focus on our family. With a new baby due any week now (literally any week!!) Its important for me to regain perspective on why I started all of this and to give myself the right amount of time to focus on our new addition. But don’t fear, Frizz & Freckles will be running as normal with my little team of helpers (hi mum!) who will be processing all of your orders and making sure that you guys don’t know that I’m sat on the sofa eating Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream!! Although if you follow my Instagram account I can’t promise to not show this side of my life to you all!!


And as a final huge thank you to you,and to celebrate 2 years of this bumpy ride I’m offering you all 20% off any online order (excluding workshops) with code HAPPYBIRTHDAY until the 28th of May.