One aspect of my business that I am very conscious of is that I don’t really tell you all very much about me. When Frizz & Freckles started most of my customers were friends, family or lived locally so the need to tell people about me felt a bit uncomfortable. But as my business has grown customers from all across the UK are making their way to my gift shop and apart from a small bio on my website they know very little about the face behind the brand. So here goes a re-introduction to my business and a little bit about me.

The Mum with Frizzy Hair & Freckles

Im Yolyn and here is a very very rare photograph of me. I absolutely HATE having my photo taken which is probably the reason why pictures of me have featured so little on my website and social media accounts. I started Frizz & Freckles just under two years ago as my maternity leave was coming to an end. I have a not so little boy Stanley who is 2 and a half going on 12 and we are expecting a little girl in June. Our little family live in a village in Leicestershire just down the road from where I grew up. Ive never really felt the urge to move away from home, in fact I’ve always lived within a 5 mile radius from my mum and probably always will!! My husband is local too and had always lived in the same village until I persuaded him to venture out by a mile or two! I guess loving where you live helps when you’ve decided to work from home! Most people who don’t know me find the name of my business rather strange. But for those of you who have met me or have somehow seen a sneaky picture then it becomes rather evident. At the grand old age of 31 I have a face full of childlike freckles and if I go more than 48 hours without showing my hair some straighteners then my hair turns into a big old frizz ball.


Behind the Scenes.

Something I like to do at the beginning of each year is reflect on how my business has been over the previous year, see what worked and what didn’t. What mistakes I may have made, what I should spend more time developing and ultimately working out what you all want to see from Frizz & Freckles in the future. So after lots of deliberating I’ve thrown myself into work in a big way to build my little business up and make 2018 my best year yet. My business is built around my lifestyle, I choose all of the products ranging from stationary and jewellery to home accessories based on what I love and just hope that you all do too. (this method seems to be working well so far) I work in between childcare which can sometimes mean that I’m working late into the night when the little one is asleep or on a Saturday afternoon when Daddy daycare kicks in. This year things are going to get a bit more complicated with a new arrival and I am going to have to learn to juggle life with a newborn, a small child and a business but hey ho, I’m up for the challenge. I’m also going to have to relocate my office space as I don’t think our new arrival will appreciate the fact that I currently work in the nursery and the other half will actually leave me if I move back to the kitchen table!!! The plan at the minute is a garage conversion but I’m yet to be convinced that I will be warm enough in there!

About Me

Plans for the Year Ahead

Throughout the year (well before baby arrives) I will be popping up at events across Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire as I just love meeting all of my customers and its nice to get out from behind the laptop every now and again.

I will continue to develop the products available in my shop and am always on the lookout for new gifts, and homeware to add to my ranges. I visit trade fairs throughout the year to keep my products fresh and interesting and am really happy with all of my new products so far this year.

This year I have also ventured out of the box a little and am running small Instagram workshops for other local business’ to pass on my experience of building my Instagram account and how I use it to promote Frizz & Freckles. My first event was a huge success with many people wanting more so watch this space and my  Instagram page to find out the dates for the next one.


So thats my little round up of Frizz and Freckles and an insight into me. I hope I haven’t scared you all off and I promise I will try to do a little more to get out from behind the camera in the future. If you want to be kept up to date with more upcoming Frizz & Freckles news including new product launches, event info and blog updates then sign up to my newsletter via the link at the bottom of my home page