The eagle eyed of you will have noticed that new stock is starting to arrive at Frizz & Freckles. The first of my new Autumn Winter products to arrive are some fantastic new Peg Boards.

I have been looking for peg boards for a while after they all of a sudden started to pop up in my Pinterest feed. They are great for use in a home office to keep things organised or as a way of displaying cards or prints. A few people have been saying to me that they love them but are unsure how they can use them in their homes so to help you all out and to give you a bit of inspiration I have collated all of my favourite peg board images from Pinterest to give you all some styling tips.

If you have a small study or run a business from home these boards are great at helping you to organise your desk space. Hang your stationary from the colourful pegs so that everything you need is close to hand and not hidden at the back of draws or in boxes. Its not essential that you colour coordinate you your pencils  to the pegs but it does look fab doesn’t it!!  Both the grey and white boards are available in the shop – click here to take a look at them.

At Uni I studied Fashion Design ( Although you wouldn’t know it from my current sense of style!!) As part of the course we were always making ‘mood boards’ these would hold all of our ideas and inspiration and be a point of reference for us to look back on throughout a project. The image below shows how these boards can act as a place for you to pin and store all of your colour charts, inspirational images and little things that keep you going through a challenge. I wish I’d had one of these 10 years ago – these are much more stylish than an A3 piece of foam board! And I also wish that this was my desk! #officegoals


As well as organising you business, or helping you collate and display all of your design ideas these boards can fit in perfectly to your home if you dress them the right way. The teal board below is a perfect example of how you can use the board to display prints and artwork as well as a bit of home organisation.


This final picture is my personal favourite. The simplicity of how this board has been styled is so beautiful and shows that whilst these peg boards can be brilliantly and practically useful they can also be used to display the most delicate of flowers.


All of the pictures that I have used have been taken from the wonderful world of Pinterest. If you would like to follow the links please head to my Pinterest page and follow my boards.

I hope this helps you to all get inspired and join me in the peg board appreciation society 😉